One more stunning update from SENSUAL PAIN illustrating the process of training girl to be submissive and obedient to the master.


Abigail look so beautiful and innocent that it is hard to believe how much humiliation and pain she can handle.

In this dark room full of scary metal chains Abigail suffer under the whip and cane of cruel dominant master who makes them work physically till she are exhausted. After that this cruel man chains and bondage Abigail. It is part of proper sex slave training to break the will of slavegirl making her torture. Finally tired of this exciting process of humiliation and training, he decides that it is time for female to please him sexually. Girl are put in doggystile position and get nice hard cock in her cunt and asshole. Of course after master is done with submissive sex she makes them swallow all the cum since it is the only food allowed to them during sex slave training session.

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